Monday, 7 March 2016

Hatton Country World

It’s always worth a visit to Hatton Country World, whether to browse the shopping village or enjoy the activities at Hatton Adventure World.  The traditional sweet shop is always a highlight for my boys; it has a lovely old-fashioned feel and the product choice is vast!  They have appetising homemade fudge, pretty luxury Belgian chocolates and much more besides.  It is a real treat stepping inside and made me feel quite nostalgic.

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The Ransons Farm Shop has lots of delicious products on offer, I bought a couple of beers for my dad as they were more unusual to what you would normally find.  Everything is well presented and looks appealing.  

They also have some tasty cakes and biscuits, whatever you fancy you’re likely to find it there.  I could not get over the choice of Lashfords Sausages, pork and smokey bacon, lamb, apricot and mint and pork, spring onion and ginger to name but a few.

As our visit was quite short (a stop on a longer journey) the rest of the lovely independent shops we just enjoyed looking at through the windows as we walked back to the car, but if you have time I would definitely suggest popping in each and every one of them.  Hopefully next time we can stay longer so I can look around the antique shop.

As it’s out of season Hatton Adventure World was running a minimal programme but for us there was still plenty to see and do.  I really like this place; even when there is less on you still feel you get value for money.  My eldest was pleased because he had the chance to meet a skink in the handling session.  

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It’s unique experiences like that which make a visit here so very memorable and the staff handler was so knowledgeable and attentive answering lots of questions about all the creatures.

There were farm animals to feed (goats and sheep); we bought a couple of pots of feed for £1 each (only 70p if your a member) but a quick moving goat pinched the pot off my son!  So do approach with caution unless you want to lose your pot in one nibble.  

The guinea pigs are very sweet in their delightful village, the group snuggled together looked exceptionally cute.

The outdoor areas are fabulous (if you wrap up warm), ideal to burn off some steam kicking footballs and exploring the playground.

We spent quite a while in the Snorty’s Superslide Mania, my eldest made a friend and they braved the slides together, my youngest was not feeling 100% bless him so he had a nap in the car with daddy.  This time of year this indoor play area is a good place to retreat out of the cold weather with a restorative cuppa and perhaps a slice of cake!  We had a meal, which was very tasty the only thing I would like to see is proper cutlery, I am not a fan of the plastic variety!  

The spring spectacular kicks off from the 19th of March, with lots of wonderful things planned and plenty of baby animals to see.  Hopefully we will get a chance to revisit again soon.

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  1. This is somewhere we really need to revisit, been a couple of years since our last visit and I know Monkey would still love it.