Friday, 11 March 2016

Healthy Living Pledge

My friends are trying to quit smoking, its part of our healthy living pledge, although I have not quite mastered the eating better part!  

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But whilst I try and wean myself off cake and chocolate my closest friends are trying to give up smoking cigarettes.

So they bought an e cigarette starter kit to get started as they had read that e-cigarettes could help you stop smoking.  To be honest my friends do not smoke as much as they used too, they are more social smokers but I worry once you have one its easy to stumble back into your old habits.

Ideally it’s probably best to try and go cold turkey if you are determined enough but some people need to wean themselves more gradually and nicotine patches and gum are not always hugely successful for everyone.  Using e-cigarettes are at the very least another method to try.  My hubbie found quitting smoking very hard, he was a heavy smoker when we got together, but somehow he managed to quit with pure resolve alone!  I think it was because we were just together as a couple and he was completely smitten back then, so was willing to do anything to keep me happy!  Being asthmatic myself I found passive smoking would trigger my condition, so he had a viable incentive to quit.

E-cigarettes have had a lot of mixed press, but the Bristol City Council has very recently been encouraging their use.  They do have one huge benefit and that’s the fact carbon monoxide and tar are not found in e-cigarettes, those harmful substances are partly what makes smoking cigarettes so dangerous for your health so any opportunity to avoid inhaling them is worth considering!

According to the article from the Bristol Post “Smokers can triple their chances of success by using an e-cigarette combined with attending their local support to stop smoking service”, so if you really do want to quit that habit it seems sensible to consider vaping as one option to assist you on your journey. 

I was also genuinely surprised to read that “Vaping is thought to be at least 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes”, if that’s the case and you are a long term smoker with no attention of ever quitting perhaps it might still be worth trying to make the transition to e-cigarettes so you can be a healthier smoker in the future.

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  1. I use an e-cigarette and I have found myself feeling better since quitting real cigarettes. The money I have saved is amazing too x