Monday, 28 March 2016

Iconic Fashion On A Budget

We all have our favourite brands that we would love to add to our wardrobes but usually find slightly out of our budget, so have to rather reluctantly deny our shopping impulses.  Well we could all splash out with credit cards but why head down that slippery slope.  Shop of course but shop sensibly; iconic brands are not worth getting into debt over!

My friend has some lovely Superdry hoodies but I have to make do with buying cheaper ranges, not recognised names usually just whatever I can pick up when we go shopping and grin and bare the fact its not particularly fashionable.  It keeps me warm I should not make a fuss, there are other priorities and keeping me in branded clothes is not one of them.  Yet a small part of me does want the same nice things as my friends.

I mean usually it does not bother me too much (I am not overly precious about my appearance just brushing my hair and teeth of the morning is a win when you have two squabbling boys to get ready for school!), but occasionally it would be nice to have the brands that are more widely recognised and well regarded hanging happily in my wardrobe.  But if you buy in the sales through sites like lovethesales Superdry can become a bit more affordable.  I want to get my hands on those stylish hoodies, but I begrudge paying the full price.

ASOS is another site well worth a visit but using the lovethesales links I have found some real bargains.  Why pay over the odds when you can focus on the clothes and accessories that are currently reduced!  Adding to your wardrobe can be a financial strain but one you do not always have much choice about, if your clothes need replacing as you have worn them threadbare or you have changed size and the ones you currently own do not fit well anymore.  I think my steady size 10 is starting to get closer to size 12 as I edge nearer to 40… boo! 

If your craving those brands Love the Sales seems the most sensible way to shop!  It’s easy to navigate you just sign up and get alerts when your favourite brands have sales applicable to you and your dress size (nothing worse than finding something gorgeous that’s a complete bargain but you would never fit, even with breathing in lots!), bra size and shoe size.  Don’t buy it because you MIGHT fit into it one day, my mum does that and her wardrobe has gotten a little silly!  A multitude of different sizes, the majority never seeing the light of day…

My highlights

MiH Jeans reduced to £65 (from £170)

The Superdry Mountain Master Everest Hooded Jacket reduced to £77.50 from £154.99 (buy now ready for next Winter, it pays to be prepared, cheaper buying out of season and its gorgeous!).

And naturally the Superdry hoodie, although still a bit pricey for me even after being reduced to £56!

Happy Sales Shopping!

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