Thursday, 31 March 2016

March #degustaboxuk

The latest delivery was so exciting the boys actually played Degustabox shop with all the contents.  They enjoyed displaying all the products and selling them to each other.  It’s great to think not only do you have all these delicious products to try you can get the extra entertainment of being able to keep your children amused!!!

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The first item to be scoffed was the Brioche Pasquier Pains au Chocolat these were very tasty, the boys had one each to go but they can be warmed up if you prefer (mind you that means you can actually wait for the oven to heat!). 

Weetabix On the Go was gone quite quick too!  The boys are fans of Weetabix normally but this version is handy if you want something fast but nutritious (it has 4 vitamins, iron, calcium and the fibre of a Weetabix cereal) as you dash off in the morning - maybe it can wash down the Pains au Chocolat!

The boys were pleased with the Chewits; to be honest they hogged most of this box.  I am finding it harder to get them to share.  I think if you’re a serious foodie it might be worth buying a couple of boxes each month, so you can hide one away from everyone else!  Or when the kids are in bed that might be the time to squirrel away the best bits of the box.

A highlight for me were the Hide & Seek biscuits, it was a novelty trying biscuits from India and they proved to be quite moreish.  I do like being introduced to tastes from around the world, I think it broadens your horizons.  

My mum enjoyed the Kallo Milk Chocolate Rice Cake Rounds she is trying to be more careful with what she eats, so these helped indulge her sweet tooth without being filled with as many calories as other edible treats she would normally be drawn to!

The Kent’s Kitchen stuffing had quite a strong herby taste but everyone finished what they were given happily enough with the Sunday Roast.

The Lindt bunny was the piece de resistance of this months box.  At £2.99 it was a generous standalone product in a decent box already!  It was a nice addition for Easter; I would like to think the boxes take into account seasonal themes like they have this time, it makes them more intriguing.

Check back next month as I will be giving away a three month subscription to Degustabox.

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