Thursday, 24 March 2016

Must have Meerkats: Heroic Rewards from Compare the Market

Compare the Market are renowned for their very collectable Meerkat toys, which you claim when purchasing insurance (car, van, pet, home or life), making a loan or credit card application, switching energy supplier through their website or applying for broadband, phone or TV providers.  It’s great to see as the years have passed its become easier and easier to build up a mini army of Meerkats.

I wish we had gone through this site every time we made these kinds of purchases, it seems silly to head direct to the company themselves when you can have a wonderful highly sought after toy from Compare the Market instead.

We already have a Baby Oleg that is just too cute for words in its little sleep suit with soft toy to cuddle.  So naturally we were thrilled when Batman flew here to join our household.  With so many ways of making qualifying purchases you can soon build up an impressive collection of Meerkats. 

The latest additions to the Meerkats line-up are limited edition to coincide with the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice release.  So ideally do not leave it too long if you fancy getting your hands on Aleksandr as Batman or Sergei as Superman.  

I think these are my favourite of the Meerkats so far, they make adorable superheroes and children (and grownups!) will love the costumes, the attention to detail is incredible.

It’s worth watching the video to get behind the hype!  

You wonder where the duo are off to in such hurry, but it all becomes clear.  I am in that kind of rush to see the new release myself too, I might have to bring my new Meerkat to cuddle too.

You can learn more about these heroic rewards over on their website.  You also have the benefit of Meerkat Movies with 2 for 1 Cinema Tickets on Tuesdays or Wednesdays at participating cinemas for 12 months, handy if you normally find the cinema a bit expensive and it frees up more of your money for popcorn and pop to enjoy whilst your there.

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