Wednesday, 30 March 2016

My Hubbie and his T-shirts

My husband’s wardrobe needs a bit of a revamp!  When we first got together he was a fan of t-shirts that were a little bit on the rude side.  Slogans that alluded to sausages if you catch my drift!  It was fine when we were dating I never really minded, if anything I thought they were quite entertaining, but now we have boys with questioning minds those kinds of t-shirts no longer work!  When the boys do not understand something they keep asking what it means and you cannot brush them off or distract them as well anymore, changing the subject is quickly noticed and commented upon!!!

I have been looking at the t-shirts on House of Fraser and would love to take control of his wardrobe.  I would probably dress him more conservatively, no cheeky t-shirts or allowing his other preference of rock design t-shirts with quite menacing looking skulls that frighten our seven year old! 

He could have a clean look, probably a bit more traditional.  My hubbie lives in t-shirts come weekends and holidays so his wardrobe stable needs a bit of an overhaul.  T-shirts look so much better if they fit well and some of his are a bit roomy and not as flattering as they could be!  I think he thought a looser fit would compliment his build better but the wider t-shirts are not doing him any favours.

I prefer the crew neck so would pick out those necklines if I were allowed to pick out his clothes, less is more; some of those v-necks show far too much chest!  

I would fill his wardrobe with classic t-shirts in a solid colour.  

The slogans make his t-shirts look very casual and then he has nothing to wear when we fancy an evening out (yes it does happen occasionally!).  His last t-shirt purchases were a minions one and a storm trooper one both were very well received by the kids!

Thankfully he does not tuck his t-shirt in so it’s not a complete loss…

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