Sunday, 13 March 2016

Taking Each Other For Granted

As time has passed by hubbie and I have started to take each other for granted, the little indulgences and treats we bought for each other seem to have disappeared!  Those thoughtful gestures we once liked so much feel a lifetime ago… I guess its easy to get lost in the daily grind, making sure the children are happy, the chores all done, work stress resolved and basically all the boxes ticked but where is the one about keeping the grownups happy!

Facebook does not help tormenting me with its flashback posts, telling me how much more effort hubbie made on Mothers day and Valentines of years gone by.  Fortunately the boys bless them made me cards and that was lovely, but there was a time hubbie would put his hand his wallet and get something too!  I swear there are cobwebs growing in there!!!

Worst still for Valentines (when I now begrudgingly accept we don’t tend to get anything for each other as I know money is tight at the moment) he went and said I have got you something, my heart soared, he rummaged in some boxes and then said “look its nothing!!!”.  Now that is just mean, so when we do have more money it will be the ultimate payback and I will be having some expensive gifts.  Since the rise of social media its harder as every person puts up a picture of their treasure trove of gifts for every special occasions, as much as you cannot beat a lovingly made card from my boys I would like hubbie and I to reinstate gifts too.  I think its good for our boys to see how much we care for each other and no it’s not just about presents, of course it isn’t but I think they can lift your spirits and make you feel appreciated.

Cartier would be nice but I have no hope unless it’s a preowned Cartier watch and even then it might be a push!  I would love a Pandora bracelet or anything for Tiffany’s just to get my hands on one of those trademark cute boxes!  To be honest I would even settle with a box of Milk Tray it’s more about remembering the occasion than how much he spends.  Even better if he could deliver the Milk Tray like the advert by scaling through a window or jumping off a cliff into shark infested waters and leaving it waiting for me (all because the lady loves milk tray!).  Perhaps this post will act as a big hint and refocus our attention on the love of gift giving and receiving!  We do tend to use all our attention and energy on raising our boys but it’s still important to keep the romance alive too.  I will have to update you how he does next year with presents!

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