Friday, 11 March 2016

The “joys” of parenting

Having kids is not straight forward, sadly there is no go to manual that will guide you seamlessly through all your parenting challenges, it’s more of a leap of faith, hoping it will work out in the end!  So I use the word “joy” very loosely, obviously I would not be without my boys, I love them with all my heart just sometimes its tough, parenting is not all cuddles and happy moments, its guiding your child on a suitable path to adulthood (with them intent on finding their own way!).

You think when you have a baby that is the toughest part, its hard surviving on the bare minimum amount of sleep that’s for sure but I have found it gets more and more complicated!  It’s no wonder some parents like a restorative glass of wine every now and then to take the edge off!  

It is stressful, some parts more tricky than others, as your children become more independent you might find yourself handling new situations that test you to the absolute limit and leave you wanting to rock quietly in a corner.

You can spot some parents a mile off, they might have tired sunken eyes from lack of sleep, most of us are not quite as polished as we once were.  When you have children to wrestle off to school any free time to straighten your hair and chuck on your war paint is highly unlikely!  Some of us are receding at a quicker rate from the stress, you know the saying you feel like pulling out your own hair well apparently long term stress can actually result to hair lose.  Let’s be honest every morning, you have to coax, cajole and practically beg them to get moving, nothing happens the first time you ask (unless its to announce your opening a bag of sweets and then perhaps you might have a captive audience!).  But for the important things you can forget it… sometimes it would be nice for the boys just to go off and do what they are asked, either first time or even better under their own initiative, so I could relax and not panic about my hair greying or dropping out from the struggle!

In most cases though when the stress disappears your hair can carry on as normal, but until the boys are 18 they are sticking around so if all else fails I will look at FUE hair transplants so all hope is not lost, I love my long hair and want to hang on to it (I tend to have a moment of mild panic whenever I see how many hairs are left behind on my hairbrush!).  It’s very leading edge FUE using donor hair from elsewhere on your body, who would have thought things had processed this far?  At this rate who knows what the future might hold, possibly spray on hair?  Or perhaps a robot nanny that can handle every parenting situation giving you some time every day to pamper and unwind instead, ideally meaning less wrinkles, less dark shadows around the eyes and a full head of glorious hair.  Although as much fun as it would be to let WALL E babysit I think I would miss the quality time with my boys.

From the sounds of it I might still have the hardest part to come, this article discusses whether the teenage years are the most difficult for parents!!!  Wish me luck.

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