Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Cleaning Pet Hates

I would love to hire a cleaner, life with my kids is very messy and I seem to always be picking up after them, then constantly vacuuming because the dog is permanently moulting everywhere, you can see it looking flyaway on the laminate flooring otherwise.  

Its exhausting thankless work, even hubbie is not very well trained; his dirty clothes are usually on the floor - not the wash basket!  His shirt arms ALWAYS rolled up, a pet hate for me is unrolling them before adding to the wash.

I am sure they all think some cleaning fairies keep on top of everything, but no its me, being run to the ground by a demanding group of four (one grown up, two mini me’s and a very hairy dog!).  I would love to find trusted, domestic house cleaners near you, with Hassle.com because frankly I can think about more exciting things to do than play Cinderella.

I am not obsessive compulsive by any stretch; I just like a little bit of order before we trip over everything! Like the image above I would rather we all be the first type of person just so cleaning is generally easier, if everyone put things back tidy afterwards cleaning would not be so back breaking!  

But in a house where making magic potions is an enjoyable pastime I am never going to have everything spick and span.

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Even empty packets make it back into the fridge I feel its a lost cause.  When the boys are getting dressed if they change their mind about an outfit it doesn't get put back onto the hanger its flung in the bottom of the wardrobe, never to see the light of day again!  I think my list could carry on and on, but I might start weeping so I will sign off there and brainstorm instead how to afford a cleaner!

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