Saturday, 9 April 2016

My Garden Wishlist

Let’s be honest I am not making the best of our garden; its mainly tarmac but it could have so much more potential and be much greener.  It’s a decent size; it surrounds the house and gives the boys enough space to play safely and enclosed (with the energetic dog running around after them!).  You can see it has the possibility to be a great space, with a little investment and some hard labour!  I have lots of PLANS running through my head, I just need to start putting away the pennies so we can make it happen!

Mainly they are out there on bikes or the go-kart and so the tarmac works in that respect but it would be great to encourage them to be involved in other activities, if we got a few pots and some seeds they could try and grow something, part of me is tempted to also add one of those wooden climbing play areas because I know it would be a highlight for them and their friends visiting on playdates (plus it would save us the long walk to the park!).

Gardening Corner

It would be nice to have a corner sectioned off for gardening, getting the boys used to growing their own fruit and vegetables.  My granddad was skilled in that respect, he showed his produce and won awards for them, so hopefully I have inherited some of his talent and can pass it on to these boys.  I will start looking at greenhouses and having a think what would work best for us and what we would enjoy growing.  Then add a few garden accessories as I am not sure what the boys have done with the ones they had over the years!

Decked Area

We have a lovely barbecue now but it would be nice to have a suitable area that is more attractive to eat outdoors, decked areas always improve the look of a garden, so I might see how much that would set us back.  At the moment we have a trampoline in the perfect spot for the decking so I might put this on hold for a couple of more years, as the boys still enjoy the occasional jump around on there!

Covered Area

Even better might be a covered area, we went to a farm earlier in the week and the outdoor space had a huge covered spot with lots of tables underneath for al fresco dining, fairy lights twisted round the wood, speakers installed and even outside heaters!  Now this would be my idea of heaven, a practical space even in the rain (of which we have plenty here in Wales).  I would love entertaining with this.


I am sick and tired of the bikes and scooters being in the hallway, I would love to move them outside and free up the space.  Plus it would be easier for the boys to get them from the shed instead of navigating them through lots of doors in the house.  It would be nice to have less clutter in the house!

Hot tub

Okay this is on the bottom of the list in terms of finances but on the top of my wish list if money was not an issue.  I can imagine hubbie and I relaxing in there, glass of wine on the side, rejoicing that we survived being parents and managed to raise our motley crew of two!

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