Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Natural Methods to Help Combat Hay Fever

I have had issues with my hay fever since I was a child, for a while I had to take tablets from the doctor to manage the condition.  Later I found out these tablets were not particularly good for my heart so I was swapped on to something else, nowadays I just tend to try and ignore the streaming eyes and sniffles as I do not want to take any extra prescribed medication. 

But it can be uncomfortable at times and stops me enjoying my regular activities, geocaching for one as its based mainly outdoors.  I am also reluctant to let my children go down the tablets route if there are natural ways to improve the condition so in preparation of the warmer months when pollen can aggravate hay fever I have done a bit of research.

Natural Supplements

Pycnogenol looks like a possibility and is available at MultiVits, a plant extract that helps with those seasonal itchy eyes and runny nose complaints, without putting a strain on your heart (it actually helps the heart and your circulation so its multipurpose!).  The components of Pycnogenol work as an antioxidant by protecting cells from oxidative damage caused by free radicals from your own body and those in the environment.  It all sounds very complicated but if it does what it says then all well and good!

Think about what you eat

Surprisingly you might already have what you need stashed at home already, so dig out the honey and give it a try!  A little bit of honey everyday can help your body get used to pollen as it has bee pollen in it.  According to Good to Know a local honey is better to get you used to the pollen where you live.

Along with the honey try and have an orange a day, then you will be having bioflavonoids (which have anti-allergy effects) along with a boost of Vitamin C.

If you are feeling brave perhaps eat some hot chilli peppers, which apparently open up the nasal passages!  I draw the line here as can only tolerate quite mild food.

Put the kettle on

Chamomile tea is an antihistamine so can provide relief for hay fever.  My mum drinks this already and she does not seem to grumble about hay fever like I do, so there might be something in this!

I  hope the above help a little.

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