Thursday, 14 April 2016

Needing Glasses

I went through laser eye surgery over ten years ago, I was pleased with the results but last year the optician did say I would need to think about getting glasses soon.  I know I cannot put it off forever, as the effects of my surgery seem to be wearing off.  I am not doing so well on my sight test, a little bit too much guesswork is going on for identifying those tricky smaller letters than my optician allows!  I think he can tell as I also screw my eyes up to try and see them, which I never needed to do before… He is a lovely optician, great with the children, but he won't be convinced by my plea's that I don't need glasses.

I could go through the surgery again, but I am not as brave in my late thirties as I was in my twenties.  I have the boys now and I do not think I would feel comfortable going through it again, when my sight is so important for helping them.  Plus its not like I have spare money anymore, back then my bank account was relatively healthy, these days its on its last legs!  

I just need to change my opinion of glasses!  I guess I never really gave them a chance, when I was a youngster and had glasses, I had no style just HUGE glasses that never really suited me! I want it to be different this time round, if I really do have to accept its time to go back to glasses then I will make sure they fit the shape of my face.  I really like this helpful guide from My Glasses Guru even I cannot get it wrong this time, you put your face shape, skin tone and hair colour so its fairly comprehensive.  I want to be confident wearing glasses; all my earlier memories of them are quite negative.  I think my glasses were even bigger than those Deirdre Barlow used to wear on Coronation Street.  Plus I cannot even blame my mum for picking them for me, she says it was ALL my choice (but my choice might have been limited to the free NHS frames!).  I had a habit of wearing them as little as possible so I never saw as well as I should have, I even got in the wrong car once.

The Superdry glasses look good, although even amongst them you have your bigger frame!  Possibly I was an early trendsetter and never quite realised it.  Maybe I should never have thrown away my old specs when I had surgery all those many moons ago.  Although Superdry can probably get away with it because it’s a trendy brand...

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