Friday, 29 April 2016

Philips Anti-allergy Range

I was thrilled to be sent two of the Philips Anti-allergy products, as an asthmatic it’s very important to keep our house free of allergens, which could aggravate my condition.  When you see how much dirt and dust these products clear up its no wonder I generally feel healthier and less reliant on my asthma medication than I was before.

The PowerPro Duo (RRP £220) was such a time saver, it makes vacuuming much easier as its cordless and has a little handheld you can detach, a perfect solution for us so I can vacuum the back of our fabric sofa.  Having a dog her hair is a real issue, especially this time of year when she seems to be moulting (I don’t think she got the memo that summer isn’t on its way just yet!).  Since we reviewing this vacuum it’s been a breeze keeping the sofa looking clean and tidy. 

I like the fact that it filters out 90% of bacteria, pollens and allergens so it feels like an excellent choice for keeping our family healthy.  If you want to look at alternatives rather than medication for controlling asthma and allergies its worthwhile seeing the difference investing in products like these can make to your condition, getting rid of triggers means I do not need to be as reliant on my asthma inhalers.

I have made a little video so you can see the PowerPro Duo in operation:

It is very simple to use, from charging to emptying, nothing is difficult to operate.  It is lightweight to manoeuvre around the room, making housework a more pleasant experience overall.  It’s refreshing vacuuming without moving furniture because the vacuum has been designed to reach those difficult areas; it slides under tables effortlessly and generally speeds up the time it takes me to get the room cleaned.  Always a bonus in my eyes as a parent I am short on time.

We have laminate flooring and its handled them well, it hasn’t scratched the surface or damaged them in any way.  We also tested it on carpets at my mum’s and she was impressed with the suction (as in her words “it even managed to get the fabric bits left by your dad’s socks!”).

The Anti-Allergy Dust Mite Cleaner (RRP £230) is a revolutionary product; often we just live with dust mites in our beds and soft furnishings, as they are not visible to the naked eye so they tend to go unnoticed in our cleaning routines.  But the droppings of dust mites are a real problem for the 90% of asthmatics that are sensitive to them.  Having been on high dose steroids in my time, I tend to know how hard it really is when you can’t breathe; it’s frightening and painful as your airways are so raw.

The UV light helps detect the dust mites and the combination of the powerful 450-W motor and 8.2-cm suction vent help reduce allergens.

Vacuums have come on a long way since I was a child; I just wish these had been around when I was first diagnosed with Asthma at five years old.  I am so glad I have these two products now to better manage my Asthma.


  1. I'm really interested in these products as I have hay fever and I have problems with pollen coming into the house.

  2. I've always felt this brand is great for families and so reliable. These products sound superb x

  3. Oh I love the idea of the dust mite cleaner. I have an eczema sufferer and wonder how it would work for him.

  4. It's amazing how much better you feel when you've given the home a good going over with products like this!

  5. These look great. I suffer from hayfever and that is bad enough so I can only imagine how awful having an allergy could be. Well worth the money in certain

  6. Luckily, we don't have any allergy sufferers here but my cousin has really bad asthma attacks so I'll be telling her about these products :)

  7. My home is in need of these! They sound great and I really like the idea of a dust mite cleaner.

  8. What a fabulous idea for allergy sufferers, will show my friend whose boy is allergic to everything