Monday, 25 April 2016

Quadropolis Review and Competition

I am really enjoying how the games we are playing as a family are much more strategic now!  They really get you thinking of how best you could win the game.  This weekend we were getting the hang of Quadropolis where you each have a city to construct and get points for how well constructed it is. 

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My eldest son at eight got to grips with it quicker than me.

But by the third round I realised what I needed to do and managed to win when we calculated the scores after the fourth round.  It was a close victory; I only had 35 points to his 31 points.  As it was our first game we were learning as we played so I would imagine for our next game the scores would be higher.  Neither of us had any multi-level tower blocks, so that was an opportunity lost.

At first I thought the rulebook looked quite daunting, but as you go through the game it becomes quite clear.  We stuck with the classic version of the game but when you are more familiar with the concept you can progress on to expert with five rounds instead of four.  You also play the architects differently, taking from a pool of them rather than having your own set.

You really need to think of the placement of your buildings, neither of us had public services, eldest went down the route of mainly of single floor tower blocks and parks, whilst I was more industrial with factories, shops and harbours.  When you place a building you need to activate it with a person or energy unit, so it helps to think ahead how many you will need, any left over in the end will be penalised at -1 VP each.  Fortunately you can add people into the shops you get points for your number of customers (up to four inhabitants welcome in the shop!) and you can also use the park to absorb a left over energy unit.

You can be quite clever when you take a building because the placement of the Urbanist figure will block the next player from taking anything in the line or column they are how positioned.  I think both my son and I were too focused on our own construction site we did not try and knowingly stop each other’s progress.  I could imagine hubbie would be watching our construction sites more closely and thinking of the end game from the very beginning!  It’s worth trying to get hold of the building with the mayor pawn image on it as it means you get to start first in the next round.

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