Monday, 11 April 2016

The Living Room Reshuffle

We have had a reshuffle around of our living room.  We have had our current corner sofa about three years now and although there is still a lot of wear in it; I have gone off it and fancy a change!  The pattern of the scatter cushions does not work for me anymore, three years ago subtle animal print must have had a revival, a very short lived one just long enough for me to buy this sofa.  I want something very plain next time, so you can change the accessories in the room quite easily without worrying about them clashing with the sofa. 

Whilst we save up the money to pick out an alternative (this might take some time!) we have just changed it from a corner sofa into a big sofa with a random extra bit in the window!  The dog at least seems to like sitting on the “corner” so she appreciates the new arrangement.  It means its easier for her to nose out the window too, daydreaming about chasing the postman for more biscuits. 

Although just moving things around brings the room a new lease of life, but I know it will be short-lived and I will be getting impatient for a new sofa.  To bring in some of the spring feeling indoors I really want to get a couple of plants to add some greenery, which would help beautify the room too.  I think now the dog is coming up to two she might have the good sense not to nibble on them, but I will check to make sure my choice are not toxic just in case.

I would also add some wallpaper, just to one wall (I still want our old house to breathe after all!) but it would be a focal point possibly behind the new sofa or directly in front so we can appreciate a burst of colour compared to our very magnolia walls.  Our living room as it is now looks like its still missing something, it has some lovely bits I do like, a wicker picnic basket, a silver chrome candle holder lantern and some pretty stick on butterflies, but the sofa and the very bland walls need a bit more inspiration.

You can find these items below: with the Daisy Chain design

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