Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Think before you buy!

My boys had a 21-month gap between them, so for a while we did wonder how we would transport the pair of them.  Eldest was still young enough to need a rest and not rely on his little legs to get him everywhere.  After two weeks hubbie had to return back to work so our initial winning combination of two pushchairs with us pushing one each came to a sudden end!

So it was back to the drawing board and we bought a twin pushchair, this was in theory a great idea!  But hubbie measured the door wrong after telling me yes it would fit through fine (an argument we still occasionally return too!).  So if you are planning on buying a twin pushchair for the sake of marital harmony please do check and recheck your measurements, sites like Baby ThingZ list approx dimensions on their twin pushchairs so do read them carefully!

We then sold what we bought for a huge loss on Ebay and put our thinking caps back on.  This time we managed to borrow a buggy from a friend but I never really got the hang of it, eldest had a lovely spot whilst the baby was tucked away underneath where no one could ever see him.

Then we dabbled with a baby carrier for a while which was quite successful, I could manage that and the pushchair for eldest.  But it was more expense finding a solution that worked!  Then eventually we changed to a buggy board which eldest loved, as he felt quite grown up standing on there.

The moral of the story is please think before you buy anything baby related, if you can borrow from a friend all the better, especially if you want to see if something suits your family before investing in your own.  If I could press a rewind button we probably would have done things slightly different and not felt quite as much of a financial squeeze in the process.  They grow up fast and don't want to go in the pushchair as much, they would rather explore freely, raising your stress levels but developing as they should!  I had my trusty reins for him just in case.

This Guardian article about new mum spending was quite interesting, some mums had managed to cut down spending, well worth a read if you want to try and do the same.  Like trying not to fall in love with £1000 prams, accepting help from family and friends and thinking if you really need a certain expensive baby gadget!

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