Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Time to hit the shops

The age gap between my two boys is only 21 months but lately it feels like it has narrowed again, my youngest is almost as tall as his older brother now and I don’t think it will be all too long before he eclipses him completely.  So my wonderful system of passing on clothes is starting to not be quite as effective, eldest still needs the clothes that I was once getting another wear out of from my youngest.

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Naturally my youngest is very pleased with this because it means he finally gets NEW clothes, if you’re a younger sibling this is an exciting prospect indeed.  Usually you make do with hand me down’s, it becomes a way of life.  If youngest does end up being the taller of the two, then I cannot imagine I will convince my eldest to wear his cast-offs, he has never had to face that dilemma before.  So now I am in a position I need more clothes its time to hit the “shops”.

I don’t have much to spend, so I have been shopping around, I spotted a few items from Esprit. I like that some of the clothes I saw on there were 100% organic cotton so more gentle for children especially those with sensitive skin.  We tend to spend our weekends on long walks so don’t dress very formally, its hoodies and t-shirts, so we can move freely and comfortably.

I am tempted to pick up a couple of the basic sweatshirt hoodie as it looks lightweight but warm enough for this time of year, I find it hard to get my two to wear coats, they seem to have reached that age where its not the done thing!  No idea why this happens, but it seems a common problem, least with hoodies they are always happy enough to wear them without grumbles of complaint.

I also liked Saltrock clothing that we reviewed a while back.  I had another look at their site and they seem to have developed the range, the boys would like the skate boarding dinosaurs and the gorilla listening to music!  Designs like that appeal to their idea of what cool is.  I have quickly established I am not cool enough in their eyes anymore… so at least if I bought these t-shirts it might give me some much-needed kudos.

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