Friday, 15 April 2016

Trying to Keep Active

We have spent so much time outdoors lately; hiking up hills, traipsing through fields, climbing over stonewalls all in the name of geocaching so as you can imagine my trainers are now well past their best!  We are quite an active family; nothing too strenuous but certainly long enough walks to tire the boys out!  Often these can last for a good five hours, just to make sure they have less argument left in them!!!  Then when we arrive home they are quieter and calmer, probably because they are so exhausted – we still have the odd grumble about legs aching but they have definitely built up their stamina compared to when they were younger!

Picture credit Hubby Helps

I had opted for bright colourful sketchers when I bought trainers last, but my next pair I am thinking of something a bit more subdued.  They have lasted me quite well, but over a year on they are looking a bit worn at the backs and its time to get a replacement.  I used to be a NIKE only girl but these days Sketchers seem my go to brand.

I think my next pair will be less bold and vibrant I fancy something black or grey, I was having a look at the choice available on MasterShoe!  My son just had a pair of new Sketchers and his are brown, they look very stylish, I didn’t realise till I bought his pair that they did more conservative colours.

I guess I could buy waking boots with the amount of adventures we have had but I have always been most comfortable in trainers, one of our last walks hubbie spent most of the time on his backside as he slipped repeatedly on the wet mud, but my old sketchers coped admirably, they must have enough grip for what I need!

I am not sure what our plans are for the weekend yet, I really should check the weather, I fancy trying a new geocaching location personally.  We have a few little treasures (toys the boys have finished with) left to share out in any caches we find and I think the boys are long overdue a big hike, after a slower pace of life with their first week back to school.

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