Friday, 13 May 2016

Clawing back some grown up time

Now the boys are getting a little older its easier to leave them with my parents for a the occasional night and have a chance to socialise with friends.  I have a few close friends living locally now all made through having children really; they get the drama, the challenges and the sheer exhaustion of being a parent.  I never knew tired until I became a mum, now I sometimes quite regularly look like an extra from walking dead!  We are a group of like-minded mombies who enjoy the occasional glass of wine, eating cake and rocking in corners to survive parenting.

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We have booked a night away, a murder mystery evening.  I really can’t wait, its going to be lovely to eat dinner without spending the entire meal coaxing children to eat their vegetables, drink their drink and not feed the dog under the table!  It’s going to be heavenly, to just think about ME for a change.  Well hubbie too of course but he is pretty self-sufficient.  I just hope all those games of Cluedo will hold me in good stead when it comes to guessing the culprit.  Mind you it would not matter what we did its more about getting to relax a little without the overwhelming responsibility of playing an adult all the time!  I don’t think any of us knew quite what we signed up to when we were first handed our gorgeous newborns.

With the next event all sorted, it means really we should think about the one after this.  It’s nice to have something fun to look forward too, when the boys are having one of their “moments”!  I really do wonder if the pair of them will ever truly get on…

I was looking at group bookings on Travelstay to see if it would work out cheaper than paying as couples.  If we can bring the price down hopefully it can happen more often than every blue moon.  Although I would never be like that couple who admitted they had childcare for EVERY weekend, seriously what is the point of even having kids if you don’t want to spend at least some time with them?  I don’t think evenings after a long day of work count as much as a leisurely fun filled family weekend!

For all their grumps my boys make me smile every day and I really do miss them when I am away.  They actually like it because it usually means they get a present too!  

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