Sunday, 15 May 2016

Doctor Panic Review and Giveaway

I really enjoyed the latest game we were sent, it was quite fast paced and I liked playing co-operatively to try and save our patient.  Although even on easy mode we got beaten the first time, mainly because we dived straight into playing without being completely familiar with what we needed to do for each medical test.  When time is of an essence you don’t want to be quickly referring to your medical notebook midway through a test in the emergency room!!!

Once you have played though you do get the hang of the game quite quickly, its very different to others ones we have played and the use of the props to complete the tests and the fact your wearing a little medical hairnet helps you get caught up in the action.  It is pitched at children eight plus but because it’s very exciting with lots of interesting things going on my seven year old really enjoyed it.  

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You need to download the Doctor Panic app, which gives you the realistic soundtrack to the game, the ringing phone and the sense of urgency when you’re dealing with the cardiac arrest.

You can feel the adrenaline rush as you try and bring your patient back from a cardiac arrest, deal with the frequent calls from your manager halting progress and try and complete your selection of medical tests quickly as the game is over in 12 minutes.  As each game is quite short you can try again if your not successful or raise the level from easy, to medium then hard, as you become a more competent doctor.

We played the game with my parents too so we could have proper medical teams, my mum was fine at building the scanner (propping up the two cards) when we weren’t doing an actual test but once we were caught up in the frantic game play she was all fingers and thumbs.  You do get a bit nervous as you really get a sense of time running out!!!

Doctor Panic has an RRP of £24.99 and is available to buy from Amazon, but I have one copy to giveaway here, so please enter by filling the form in below by the 4th of June.

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  1. fantastic prize and looks a lot of fun

  2. looks a great game!

  3. I would love to play this with my Grandson