Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Every House Needs A Man Cave

Father’s day is on the horizon and what do you get the man that has everything? Okay my hubbie might not quite match that description, especially as most occasions are only celebrated with new socks and a Toblerone.  If he is extremely lucky he might also get a multipack of underpants but that is in special circumstances.

I am sure there are lots of things he would be quite partial too, a high tech gaming computer being on the top of the list!  But he only gets chocolate so he can hopefully share and the only reason he gets socks and pants is because he would wear the ones he owns until they were threadbare otherwise.

To be fair to him he is generally a low maintenance kind of guy, he never asks for much but I know it would be lovely to spoil him one day.  We try and keep our list of wants on the small side, as we prefer our mini me’s to have their dreams fulfilled instead.

In an ideal world I would love to get him a man cave though, somewhere he could escape too when the kids get too much!  

He has quite a stressful job, so depending on the boys moods it can be quite tough coming home to yet more chaos.  He could do with somewhere calm to retire to and get his bearings, before entering the fray.  You really do need to be battle ready here, sometimes I think we need a white flag, the boys can be exhausting and the dog is not much better, if your hoping for a peaceful evening watching TV, think again, she will pretty much bark at everything on screen.

Think less garden shed more garden room, a place he could welcome his newfound friends (the partners of the mum’s I hang out with!) talking motorbikes and nagging wives whilst drinking a tinny on his lounger, maybe squeezing in a pool table if he had his way (some of the garden rooms from Lidget Compton are quite sizeable!).  His domain… although knowing me I would probably gradually take it over filling it with the boys bikes and go-kart (just to reclaim my hallway!) but ssshhh he does not need to know my true intentions just yet – let the men bask in the glory of owning their man cave for a little while.

But some men do get a little carried take this case as an example the man who built an overground bunker to ensure he got peace when his new baby arrived!  Although it looks more like a hideout to survive the apocalypse.

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