Friday, 20 May 2016

From Photoshoot to Photoalbum – Top Tips for Family Photos

As much as we would like them to stay little forever, it can often seem like our bundles of joy are getting bigger by the second. One minute they’re in nappies and Peppa Pigs number one fan, before they’re crushing over Zoella or the next big YouTube star.  

So, where do we turn when we want to stop time and snap a memory so it lasts a lifetime? Our camera of course, or more likely our iPhone these days. Gone are the days of a boring, awkward family photoshoots and in place are Pinterest inspired shoots which aim to rival the most talented of photographers.  

From photoshoot preparation, getting snap happy and finally displaying your masterpieces, this little guide should give you all the inspiration you need to become your very own official household photographer. 

Step One – Preparation 

Preparation really is key when it comes to getting your photoshoot perfect – or as close as possible to perfection at least – so take the time to plan your shoot down to the finest of details. Remember you don’t need to have the latest fancy camera to take the best photos. This article has great advice on taking photos with your phone. 

We’ll come onto some photoshoot ideas in step two, but make sure you have a clear direction of the kind of outcome you want. Knowing your theme, preparing the props you want to hand in advance and doing a few test shots beforehand can really help to make the whole thing go a lot smoother.  

Little ones aren’t always known to play ball when it comes to being the best photo subjects, but embrace the fact they won’t always say cheese when you ask them to and snap those uncaught moments. Sometimes they can make the best photos. Allow them to lead the direction of the shoot and if tantrums do strike take a break and come back when they’re ready to do so.  

Step Two – Photoshoot 

Here’s where you can get as creative as you like. You only get one shot at them being that age and size once, so come up with as many fun photo ideas as possible and whittle it down to your favourite few. You could even take the same style of photo at important ages or milestones in their life. That way you’ll have a collage of photos through the ages. 

The easiest way to keep everyone happy? A selection of their favourite toys and maybe the family pet if you have one. Get them to play with their toy as normal and snap away as they interact, learn and enjoy. Images don’t always need to be curated to within an inch of their life, instead work on capturing connections and bonds – it’ll make a much nicer image to look back on. 

If you want to chronicle important milestones then adding in a chalkboard with a custom made message or date can be a super cute way to make sure you keep everything documented. Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to finding ideas you can add your own spin too and recreate. 

Step Three – Presentation 

Now comes the time to display all your hard work. In the digital age it can be so easy to capture everything on our phones for it to stay stuck behind a screen. Taking the time to get your images printed and displayed will allow you to enjoy your work around your home. 

These days photo displays are much more inventive than a simple photoframe. Get crafty and create your own photoframe, attach 4 lines of wire or string to a hollow square frame, and clip Polaroid style photos on for a retro finish.  

You could even get your images printed onto coasters, calendars, magnets, pillows or even marshmallows – yes really! - for an edible photographic treat. Your photographer role doesn’t stop once you’ve put the camera down as there are a tonne of amazing photo display ideas out there waiting for you. 

Taking family photos doesn’t always need to result in tantrums and blurred shots, with a little pre-shoot preparation and creativity you’ll have those idyllic family shots you always dreamed of.  

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