Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Geronimo Festival 2016

On Sunday we headed to Geronimo Festival at Tatton Park, we arrived exceptionally early really (considering we live over two hours away!) but it meant no queuing to get into the car park (always a bonus!) when we arrived rather bleary eyed at 8:30am. Geronimo kindly allowed visitors to enter the festival from 9am with the intention of the attractions starting at 10am, but some of the rides and the bouncy castle opened at 9:30am, which was a wonderful bonus - fair play to the organisers!  It meant the boys got to burn off some energy first thing on here before it got busy!

I think they had taken onboard issues that had arisen in Harewood House and made Geronimo at Tatton Park even better!  Mind you I went last year to the first Geronimo event and to be honest I thought it was amazing, so I did have high expectations for another successful event and fortunately I was proven right.  There were plenty of toilets, we did not have to queue for them and we took our own picnic so could be more flexible with snacking as we walked around.

We managed to do a couple of things we missed the first time round.  The boys did a little Bear Hunt (they looked adorable with the Bear props!) you basically walk round a little woodland area looking for items that match the clues.

The Monkey Do activity was there absolute favourite, we booked early so had a slot for later in the day.  The net play activity itself was very exciting and the team seemed reassuringly very conscious about the safety of the ropes and the nets themselves, testing before each new group accessed the activity.  But I would have to say however that the sign up for this was not very well managed, for our 2pm session parents were just nudging their children to join the group whether they were officially booked in or not and the staff member supervising had a very bubbly personality but not the organisational skills needed to manage the sheer number of people trying to get on the attraction.  Here safety kind of went out the window, it was a bit of a free for all.

The Bear Grylls Race was good fun; children were given BG headbands (a nice little memento to go home with!) and a smear of green and brown face paint to look the part then they ran through a series of obstacles to get to the finish line.  Hubbie ran too as our children are under 9 years old and he was given a heavy bag to carry on his way round, a great fitness challenge for all the family.

We spent a lot of time watching shows; the Extreme Mountain Bike Show was very popular with the boys again.  The team behind this is very entertaining and hugely talented.

The Cheshire Dog Display Team was also very enjoyable to watch.  The dogs were all so well trained and seemed to love what they were doing.

Youngest even managed to be part of the demonstration as the wanted a volunteer to pick out a coloured flag.  He walked off the arena with a big grin on his face so pleased he had a chance to be involved in a show!

I really like how there is so much going on you can flit around the site and avoid queuing.  Yes some attractions were busy; the fairground rides mainly but if you were willing to move on and try something else you really can do so much in one day.  I love how there are so many characters dotted around the site, Geronimo Festival is a place you can expect the unexpected!

I was grateful of a sit down in the theatre tent and the boys liked the Storyteller Storyteller show, it seemed pitched perfectly for children, plenty of nonsense, blowing of raspberries and humour. There were lots of delighted giggles from the audience and it meant I could enjoy a bit of a respite from the glorious sunshine!  Geronimo Festival certainly had a good mixture of tents and open aired shows.

We headed home at 4pm tired but happy in the knowledge the boys had made so many more fabulous memories.  We could have stayed on until 6pm and squeezed even more into our day but conscious of our journey time to get home we left early.  I would definitely say that Geronimo Festival is worth the entry price.  All day we spent only £8, £6 was for parking and £2 on an optional donation for the Bear Grylls race (seeing as they had headbands to leave with I didn't really mind either!).


  1. This sounds like the most amazing family festival - it seems like there is so much to do there. x

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. Nice to hear you didn't have to spend too much on extras during the day either.

  3. I grew up not far away, and my Dad isn't far way, will have to check this out next time!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun and so glad you had the fab weather too!

  5. It sounds like you had a great day. I think the issue with Leeds was all about the location

  6. This looks like a lot of fun - one of these days we'll get to a festival like this x x

  7. Looks like a brilliant day out, I am sad we missed it now

  8. The dogs and the mountain bike displays look like something we would all enjoy too. I've never been to this festival, so thanks for the update.

  9. I love family days out like this ! Looks a brilliant day out