Thursday, 12 May 2016

Introducing Poki & free computer games

I have always been a gamer; growing up my brother and I had a Amstrad 64 which was our pride and joy, it lived under the stairs and that’s where you would find us if we weren’t playing outside.  Then eventually we had a PC and entered a whole new league of gaming.

Also it’s actually how I first “met” my now husband, initially online through World of Warcraft and then falling in love in real life.  Yes geeky I was, but no trouble either; I would rather be lost in an adventure than causing any mischief late at night!

These days I have not had the spare money to fund my computer game habit, a monthly subscription to World of Warcraft is out of the question, finances are stretched with more mouths to feed, clothes to buy and activities to support!  So when I stumbled upon Poki you could imagine my delight, finally a place that offers free games to play!  We all need something that helps us relax and unwind after a tough day and gaming is that pastime for me.

It’s an amusing way to spend a few hours, even better I can offer the boys a go on some of the games they will recognise like Angry Birds as a treat and it won’t mean I have to dig deep into my wallet to pay for it!  

The games are free because you do have a little advert to watch before you start playing but that is a small price to pay to keep the site free.  I wish I had found it sooner as I have paid a fair bit to the App Store for games to go on the boys iPads.  Also you can’t fault the quality, the games are very good, these are the types of games I have paid a few quid (or more) each time without batting an eyelid, okay maybe just the occasional grumble, but why pay when you can enjoy them for free.

It’s quite overwhelming the sheer choice available, flappy birds, sport games, animal games and arcade games, whatever you fancy trying they will have a game for you.  I like how you get recommendations along the top based on what you have played already; it makes it easier to find what you would most like to try next.  The games all have scores too, so you can gauge which ones might be the better ones to play.

I quite enjoy restaurant games, making up food for customers and getting their order to them as quick as possible.  I have no shortage of choice.  If I had to work in a real restaurant I might not be so keen but for some reason I can’t get enough of virtual ones…

If you want to get the grey cells working you can start with the thinking games, your brain might appreciate the workout, I know mine would.  There are puzzles, maths and memory games all designed to help you in that department.

Right I better sign off there I need to serve up a pizza before my customer gets restless!


  1. I use to play Runescape and got quite high up but i had to resign cos my family was whinging lol I might give Poki a try though ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  2. My husband used to be mad on WOW but now he's more about his PS4! This sounds great - anything free is fab x

  3. My boys love this too. The husbeast used to be a gamer. I love it is how you to met.

  4. Looks like a great app which will keep the kids occupied