Monday, 30 May 2016

Kit & Coco Competition

Head lice are no fun; just typing the word has got me itching.  The boys are not fans either, youngest said, “I don’t like them, they are nasty” and eldest mentioned how “they are horrible little creatures”. 

But with children in school and in close contact with each other they seem to be an inevitable evil.  But treating them has become a whole lot easier since the launch of Kit & Coco.

I have always worried about head lice products because they seemed to be full of harsh chemicals, I know some parents at our boys school refuse to use them for this very reason.  Fortunately the Kit & Coco range was developed using plant-based active ingredients (coconut oil and eucalyptus) so it’s a natural option but still 100% effective against head lice and eggs.  The coconut oil even has the added benefit of making your hair look in better condition than it did before and the formula is so gentle it can be used regularly.

The head lice and eggs complete treatment (£15.75) helps you get an infestation (cue more frantic scratching!) under control!  I like how the treatment comes with four separate 1 dose containers, I find that when we use a bigger bottle I always apply too much and it never lasts as long as it should.

On top of this the range comes with useful accessories to make treating head lice a breeze!  You spray the headband; let it sink in then wear it to school!  Ideally also wearing the rest of your hair up in a plait or ponytail.

The protective mousse is rather fabulous, my eldest likes to style his hair, so this way he can help keep head lice away for 24hrs and look particularly well groomed!

I have a competition to giveaway 5 KIT & COCO protective treatment kits (as pictured above), which consist of 1 x spray and headband (£12.50) and 1 x protective mousse (£9.50), so if you would like a chance of winning one of these fabulous kits please fill out the form below by the 25th of June.

Win 1 of 5 KIT & COCO protective treatment kits


  1. Fabulous for keeping hair lace away and a great smell too

  2. Looks like a great bundle - fabulous for the prevention of head lice too!

  3. This looks fantastic will definitely get this for my little ones.Awesome giveaway thanks for the opportunity🎈

  4. Looks a handy piece of kit and looks great too

  5. Fantastic prize always good to have some in
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