Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Nearing 40

Since I have been closing in on forty my body hurts so much more, my hips are tender, my back has a dull pain and my neck aches.  I find myself more tempted to use painkillers than ever before, I used to be able to shrug off pain, it used to be quite temporary, nowadays the soreness lasts and it can make you feel quite down and difficult to get truly comfortable. Perhaps I should have started on the cod liver oil tablets sooner, but they make my stomach turn!

I would love to look for something more natural to take the edge off.  If this is my life from now on (well I am not getting any younger!) I would rather look for options that don’t involve regular medication.  Obviously taking away the pain is lovely, your quality of life feels like it’s instantly improved but there are unfortunate side effects.  Ibuprofen for example can lead to an increased risk of stomach upset and kidney and heart problems according to the NHS, not what you want to read as you wash the tablet down!

So my bucket list should not be all about afternoon tea, a trip to Italy and a dream to complete a photography course it should be things like trying acupuncture for the first time, coming up with a nutritional plan that will change the way I feel and maybe even request the services of a chiropractor to see if my joints would feel better in the long run.

I was looking at Ml Chiropractic as the site is jam packed with advice; I am all more doing my research!  I think if I don’t start getting my head round it all; I will probably be first in line for a hip replacement operation!  Not being a fan of hospital food I might be best looking at non-invasive routes.  I know my posture could be better, as I am reading that part I naturally straightened my spine and stopped slouching at my laptop!  Mainly I blog which does involve a lot of sitting around, whether its refreshing my social media or writing my next post.  I really need to think about the alignment of my spine!  I feel I am my own worst enemy at times.  My dad was always grumbling about my posture and I totally get it now, but possibly I should have listened sooner.

Still if it means I have a genuine excuse for massages to get rid of my tensions then its not all bad, as treatment goes one with a massage therapist seems pretty appealing!

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