Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Offbeat and Unique Engagement Photos

If you’re unfamiliar with today’s “engagement photos” – they’re a far cry from the days of fresh-faced, unremarkable, close-ups of the intendeds together, seated (usually the man behind the woman with serene faces turned towards the camera). There was a time when “out-of-the-box” pictures took the couple outside, where they were photographed on a park bench or under a tree.  

If you’re the engaged couple, you’re likely going to have to explain it to your mothers and their peers – and that means showing them the kind of amazing photographs you can arrange for yourselves, announcing your plans to marry 

First, it’s important to find a photographer who’ll work with you. One Melbourne photography team you should consider is Reid Studios. It would make sense for you to use the same photographer for your engagement photos as the one(s) who’ll also handle your actual wedding. It’s a great way to be seamless and to begin a relationship rife with great communication and blending personalities.  

Some photographers have stressed that there’s too much difference between an engagement photo shoot and your wedding day photography to consider the former as a “practice” session for the latter. Still, if you can develop a bond on the engagement photo shoot, it will certainly help you on your “big day.”  

While you won’t have the time (or energy) to devote the same resources as you will for your wedding photography, you do want to find a professional who understands the current trends and styles for lovely and artistic engagement photography. Your engagement photos are a great opportunity for you and your fiancé to work together to plan a fun and memorable photo shoot. You can be as creative as you want for today’s engagement photographs. Make sure to check out creative and unique sample photographs for more ideas.  

Things to consider: how did you meet? Can you put something together based on that? What about the first movie you saw together? One couple re-enacted a key scene from Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom” and it was almost as precious and adorable as the movie itself. Do you do any sports together? How about hobbies and other interests?  

Setting is key. Couples have chosen – with great results – some interesting and unusual locations: 

  1. What about a location that has meaning to you or reminds you when you first fell in love? 
  1. What about the juxtaposition of the two of you dressed in finery, costumes or vintage clothing posed on a large swath of an overgrown field? 
  1. How about something whimsical? One couple were shot in their bedroom, she with a video game remote in hand, him trying to show her images from a bridal magazine. 
  1. Some really unique photos, taken in stop-motion can be achieved using soap bubbles, glitter or Holi Festival colourful powder.  
  1. We mentioned an overgrown field already, but what about the potential in a dry riverbed or under a bridge? 
  1. One couple took a light-hearted look at their future with a photo taken at an architecturally interesting jail or penitentiary. 
  1. Is there an interesting older building with unique stairwells? A clever photographer will be able to work wonders in that setting.  
  1. Transportation modes are another great setting – planes, trains and automobiles (the more vintage, the better!).  

No matter how funky, offbeat, odd or weird the setting for your engagement photos is, make the photographs emotional and meaningful. Have your hair and make-up done professionally or be sure you doll yourself up. Coordinate outfits, whether themed or not and you’ll have treasured photos.  

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