Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Preparing for your child's entrance exam

If you’re hoping to get into more academically selective schools you will have to sit an entrance exam.  To help your child succeed it’s a good idea to head into the exam fully prepared and feeling confident.  Usually the tests assess Maths, English and a Science subject so it’s worth focusing your efforts on those subjects.

Sitting these exams can be extremely stressful for your child so finding ways to support them can make a huge difference.  I get nervous jitters still thinking back to the various exams I have sat over the years.  There is such a huge pressure to succeed that even the most capable of students can struggle on occasion.  It can feel overwhelming.

Still find time for fun

It can be challenging gearing up for the entrance exam do find some time for your child to unwind and have a break from the revision.  Often they can return refreshed and ready to absorb more information.

Get a good night sleep

Apparently according to the NHS good sleep improves thinking and concentration, try and avoid last minute studying as sleep can be more beneficial so close to the exam itself than staying up late going over your notes again and again.

Don’t put extra pressure on them

If they normally have household chores ease off until they have stopped revising.  They might be more enthusiastic to study if they think they are getting away without doing the dishes or loading the washing machine for a few weeks.  Always sound supportive when talking about their exam; don’t keep going over how important it is to pass.  Just be glad they are trying their best.

Consider getting a private tutor

If your subject knowledge is a bit rusty consider getting a private tutor, Fleet tutors focus on getting results through effective one to one tuition.  Supplement this with lots of resource materials they can refer too.

Eat well and stay hydrated

Settle for energy giving foods according to this BBC Good Food article, eggs and oats, slow burners that will stop you feeling hungry and irritable.  Contemplate adding more omega-3 to your diet to help with brain function.  Get them to drink lots of water to help their body operate at its best.

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