Thursday, 30 June 2016

A little June Catch Up

My eldest has had an exciting few weeks, the highlight being his first attempt at fishing with one of his best friends.  He managed to catch two fish (and throw them back in afterwards); it’s given him a real taste for the activity now.

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His Christmas wish list is fishing gear and not a Segway without a handle anymore!  I am secretly quite pleased about this as I think he will get more out of fishing then he ever would with a Segway.  I have noticed the children a round here don’t tend to be using them the same anymore; the hype has died down quite a lot.  Whereas before its all everyone was going on about!  We tend to be six months – to a year behind (if not more) just because of affordability.  Some children have all the latest products pretty much as they are released, some times we are lucky and get to review them instead which helps!

He also had another sleepover, I do like him having the option to go on sleepovers but I must confess I am selective.  I do prefer to know the parents well before I would be comfortable to accept an invitation.  He has had three sleepovers himself here, but the last one for his birthday was a bit tricky; I think having three children over on top of my two was possibly a stretch too far.  Saying that everyone had a wonderful time and said it was the “best sleepover ever” (at the time… I know children are fickle and the very next sleepover will be the best sleepover ever! Ha!).

He now has his first mobile phone; to be honest this is taking some adjusting too.  It makes him seem more grown up somehow – and I’m not ready!!!  I would have left it longer but he had his first playing out without me the other day, so I felt happier knowing he could get hold of us if needed.  So it’s been one big step after another, playing out though hasn’t fuelled his urge to go out lots more.  Instead it’s surprisingly made him happier at home, because he knows he can, rather than us saying no every time.  He appreciated his new found independence but realised he hasn’t really missed anything major by not playing out.

It was nice to have a full day with youngest, just the two of us means a break from the sibling rivalry.  We met the cutest hedgehog on our adventures too, which was an added bonus.  

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Youngest also mastered the monkey bars for the first time, he was so proud it was lovely!  He can't wait for the next trip to the park with school to show everyone his new found skills!

Finally mastered the monkey bars - the face of victory! x

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He is starting to grumble about wanting a mobile phone because his brother has one, but nine now is the age I will insist on and then only because it means he no doubt will be playing out too.

This month we have decided to start paying off more debt in earnest.  I feel a bit uncomfortable with what we owe, so I am going to try and encourage the boys towards cheaper or free activities over the summer to being the figure down.  It’s going to be a challenge, so we shall see!

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