Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Getting your business noticed

I did a Management degree many moons ago so I do have some knowledge of the ways of the business world, but sadly back then social media wasn’t a thing!  Now it’s HUGE and such an effective way to connect and interact with your customers.  Fortunately I have learnt a fair bit using instagram, facebook and twitter on a regular basis through blogging – using it on a practical level might have actually helped me learn more about this aspect of marketing than if it had been a theoretical part of my degree.

It’s easy for some companies to get lost amongst their competitors, you really need to stand out and shine to be noticed.  Often it can be worth having an advertising budget so you can get some ideas from a creative team that will get people talking.  I love some of the campaigns from the people behind RPM.  You need to make an impact to get people interacting on social media, think of a hashtag (Virgin Holidays had #PackMoreMojo) and ideally get it to trend.  Hopefully all the attention will translate into traffic on your website and subsequent purchases, more brand awareness and loyalty.

I use some of the techniques (admittedly on a much smaller scale) on my blog; I am familiar with hashtags and using competitions to encourage more people to engage with my site.  For me I can take my time and learn as I go, but for a business they do not have that luxury, they need to strike quickly, before someone else steps into their footsteps.

There is a lot you can do to improve traffic on your website I tend to have been a bit lazy with tags and descriptions on my blog posts but according to that website this is all very important.  You can use the analyzer to give you guidance about your specific website and what you can do to increase traffic and then hopefully your business will get the recognition it deserves.

You also want to keep retailers positive about your brand, so they position it in a way that is most beneficial for you.  The more space you have on the shelf the less room for your competitors to muscle in!  I really liked their Smirnoff campaign, the visuals made the product look enticing, full of fruit and bursting with flavour.

Finally it’s important to think about which social media platform to utilise; personally I like instagram the most but many people are on facebook according to this Telegraph article.  I guess it depends on your targeted audience.

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