Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Going to attempt a diet

Steady on, that’s what I have to tell myself now I have come back from my all-inclusive holiday in Lanzarote!  I needed to be rolled back on the plane after too many waffles with chocolate sauce for breakfast, I did try and show some self control but it was just too hard with so much choice all sat there tempting me with their naughty calorie filled ways!  Plus a new cake or two would appear at every meal and naturally my inquisitive nature wanted to taste said cakes and find out how they differed from those back home, so technically I was getting fat in the interests of all important cake tasting research.  Chocolate cake was worth the calories, almond topped pastry things not so much!

Apple cake very good!

So today, is day one of trying to be good!  I have resisted FOUR chocolate hobnobs that hubbie has offered me and ceremoniously enjoyed when I refused them.  We both pledged on the plane home the diet would start on arrival back in the UK, well today hubbie says it doesn’t count because we are tired from travelling.  I know we will just keep making up excuses.  It’s how we roll, tomorrow something else will be up and we will be no closer to shifting the extra weight.  So no excuses yes I am tired but will the chocolate hobnob eating session sort that out… maybe a temporary boost but then I will slump back down again!  I am going to resist my biscuit wielding hubbie and take the high road.

I don’t like turning down biscuits last time I went a few weeks without anything sugary my friend force-fed me some because I was so miserable!  But I am going to find other things that keep me happy, things that aren’t chocolate coated.  A nice walk in the sunshine, a cup of tea, a good book and possibly an early night so I can forget how hard it is to resist the chocolate in the kitchen…

Wish me luck, I might not last the week but I will try REALLY hard anyway.  Luckily my youngest wants a running machine off Father Christmas to I quote “get strong!” – so that might help if he will let me test it out.  Hubbie wants a rowing machine, so we could at this rate have a home gym!  On holiday I swam in the sea and realised just how unfit I was, I saw a grey rock that I mistook for a shark and swam off as quick as I could… (Which wasn’t very quick at all!).

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