Sunday, 26 June 2016

Renovation no longer on the back burner #blamethekids

We have been neglecting our renovation work because we wanted to give the boys good memories instead!  Taking them to theme parks, on holiday abroad (apparently the average family spend two months of their salary on their summer holiday!), to the cinema, basically anywhere that sounded half decent we would be there with them.

But yesterday the boys were little grumps with each other yet AGAIN and our day out was cut short as we felt enough is enough.  So hubbie and I have decided that the house will be given a bit of attention from now on, we might as well stay at home were they can amuse themselves with their toys, books and games and focus on what needs to be done indoors.  Then at least when they play up we have a more comfortable house to relax in come their bedtime. 

I want to raise grateful kids and seem to be doing an appalling job at it!  Apparently every time they do something good whatever it is they instantly ask what their reward is and if I say it’s just the satisfaction of doing well, they ponder why do they bother… so I have starting reading lots of articles to change things and fingers crossed getting a better handle on it.

Hubbie bought some kitchen paint today; we have finally removed the mini hot water boiler from the wall (it was such an eye sore!).  

It’s taken two years to actually get moving in there again so you see we are good at putting things off.  But now we have made a start, I feel I want us to do lots more!  Our house has the potential to be an amazing space, the rooms are sizable, the ceilings high – its just finding the momentum again.  We started off quite positively but got stuck in a rut.  But with our new focus things should move along nicely.

It’s ALL about making the house more beautiful.  I would love to add more light into the kitchen; it has no room above it so I am sorely tempted to get aluminium lantern roof lights to flood the room in natural light and bathe it in warmth from the sun.  Our kitchen still has a commercial feel from what it used to be, but its still relatively modern and not a complete loss.  With a few tweaks and a lick of paint it will be a much-improved space.  We have also removed one of the kitchen cabinets, the room had far too many, now we have freed up a wall to add some pictures to give the kitchen a more interesting feature.  Then we just need to order our blinds and away we go!

I am so glad we have re-found our renovation mojo even if its not on the best of circumstances. Hopefully we can sort the kids out whilst doing the house... (wish me luck and send wine!).

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