Friday, 29 July 2016

Carefree Summers with Smart Home Technology

Sometimes it’s hard to kickback and relax on holiday you worry about how the house is getting on, is everything still safe and secure and as you left it?  It tends to be at the back of your mind and you cannot unwind fully.  Holidays are about rest and recuperation and that can be difficult to achieve if you are anxious about things.

I love this hilarious video from Panasonic about their Smart Home monitoring system.  Dave the dog casually checks the system whilst chilling poolside to see how things are back home and is feeling reassured checking the lounge, kitchen and the front door until he sees the cat has pinched his bed whilst he is away!!!  It did make me giggle seeing his disgruntled paw touch the screen and hear him shout NOOOOOOO!

I could imagine I would definitely be installing this system when the boys are older, if we go away I can make sure they aren’t partying in our absence!  I will need that peace of mind as I have a feeling my two would invite lots of friends around, as they are quite a social pair!  When I was younger and my mum and dad went away for a weekend I got as reckless as watching a ton of films back to back and eating my body weight in chocolate so it wasn’t such a necessity with me as a teenager.  Rock and roll I was not.

I could also keep an eye on our dog too because she would probably take advantage of us being away and decide to sleep on our bed instead of her usual spot!  She does like the little luxuries in life and if she could get away with it would definitely prefer human beds to dog beds! Plus she steals butter so I could check in to make sure she's behaving and not eating everything in the kitchen!

Smart Home looks easy to install and simple to control, I think it’s a household essential for dogs like Dave and mums like me.

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