Saturday, 16 July 2016

Cortex Challenge Review and Giveaway

I was pleased to have an opportunity to give my brain a bit of a workout when these two Cortex Challenge games arrived.  We were sent the normal and kids editions, you can also get a Geo edition with geographical challenges and puzzles.  Each game has an RRP of only £12.99 so they are an affordable way to keep your child’s brains exercised over the long summer holidays.

The games come in a small box so an ideal to take away on holiday too.  There is very minimal set up so you can get stuck into game play straight away.  No worries of your child getting frustrated as you read through a big book of rules.

Eldest managed to beat me on both editions we played, he said (rather proudly with a puffed up chest) “its because I have a bigger brain!”  So I better up my game soon or he will become insufferable!  You can definitely tell my brain cells are under-utilised at the moment!

I am not sure if it’s because he was victorious but he did say it was the best game ever.  I think they are great games to own to develop your thinking, memory and speed skills.  My reflexes are pretty slow so he has a distinct advantage, but the more you practise the better you get.

The textured cards make it very interesting, certainly more of a novelty with the tactile element that you rarely find in games.  Eldest seemed quite talented at gauging what the pictures were but even now I had seen and handled them at the beginning of the game I was clueless.  The games have indicated that my memory skills are lacking, so least I know where I need to make improvements.

You can find out more information on the Cortex website, but don’t dart off before entering my competition to win both the Normal edition and Kids edition of the game.  Simply fill out the gleam form below by the 6th of August.

Win two Cortex Games


  1. Lovely prize my daughter would have alot of fun

  2. Lovely prize my daughter would have alot of fun

  3. Looks lots of fun thank you

    Vicky kenny

  4. This looks like it will be great to play with my eldest girl. I love that there isn't a massive instruction manual to try and figure out...Saves that brain power for the game haha.