Sunday, 24 July 2016

Splendor Review and Giveaway

The summer holidays are here so I was glad we had a new board game to review, Splendor (RRP £24.99) is aimed at children 10+ but my seven year old who is used to playing allsorts of games as they arrive for the blog got the hang of it fine.  It’s actually quite a simple concept really easily explained in a few minutes but very addictive, today we have had four games of it and I would happily have played a few more except its time to write up this post and let one of you lucky readers win your own copy!

To sum up the game you basically want to be the gemstone merchant to get to 15 prestige first, you do this by buying up gemstones ideally using bonuses to make the gems more affordable.  If you get a certain combination you might be lucky enough to have a visiting nobleman, which grants you three additional prestige – I have yet to be fortunate enough to have this privilege as I seem to move sooo much slower than everyone else when it comes to collecting gemstones.  So its quite strategic really you need to plan ahead which gemstone bonuses would work best to your advantage.  Some of the cards also have prestige points on them so it’s a good idea to aim for those one when collecting gemstones.

The game starts off slowly but then becomes a race to get to the 15 points finish.  You are quite tense hoping the player after you doesn’t pick the card you had your sights on.  To get round this you can on your go reserve a card, I think I need to use this feature more as hubbie kept winning the game and that was one of the things he seemed to do quite regularly.

If you would like to win Splendor please fill out the form below by the 25th of August.

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  1. Id like to play this with my son, thank you for the chance :-)

  2. This game is awesome, played with a friend and would love my own copy.