Monday, 22 August 2016

Age is only a number #breakingbarriers

Remarkably it is getting close to the senior generation surpassing the youth as part of the make up of the global population, according to this Breaking Barriers campaign by Bathing Solutions.  I have always been comfortable in the company of anyone regardless of their age, I have a neighbour in her late 80’s who I occasionally have a tea and a chat with and another who I love hearing regale in his war stories. 

It’s wrong to see the older generation as incapable just because they are long in the tooth; they have knowledge and experience that far exceed anything we have yet encountered.  I enjoy learning more from them, I don’t always follow what they say and occasionally regret not doing so.  Sometimes I learn from my own mistakes but I do appreciate their knowledge and what they have to say, how they dealt with similar issues and what worked for them.

Part of the #breakingbarriers campaign is opening up the eyes of the older generation to courses they could complete, to continue to enrich their lives.  My elderly neighbours have interests already and I think that keeps them young at heart, and in excellent spirits, one has a keen interest in gardening and another in crafts.  If your hobby takes you outside the house even better as you can also socialise with other people too - friendships are important however old you get.

I think it’s important to get out in the community and feel valued, I have noticed that a large majority of the older generation tirelessly fundraise where we live, baking cakes or making knitwear for those in need.  They play such an important contribution and so should never be dismissed!

With some small adaptations in the home, such as a bathroom for a more nature person, life can pretty much carry on as normal.  Yes your bones might ache that bit more but hopefully you still have the spring in your step and can continue to enjoy the things you loved in your youth or even find enjoyment in a completely different activity.  Keep that sparkle in your life, regardless of how old you get!

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