Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Back to School: Lunchtime

Two and a half weeks to go and the boys will be back at school.  The holiday has had its moments but on the whole we have managed to fit in some nice days out and memories. 

But I do need to get myself organised for back to school, I know from experience that the last few weeks have a tendency to go quicker somehow and I have to leave time for deliveries to arrive.  My mum used to head to the nearest city to do our back to school shopping but I prefer online shopping – far less stressful without the kids in tow, the long car journey and inevitable travel sickness.  Plus you always end up spending double as they seem to add to the shopping trolley as you work your way round the shop.

I have been getting inspiration for kid’s lunch bags ideas from House of Fraser.  By and large my boys have school dinners but there are times they do not like the menu so those days they tend to have a packed lunch.  It’s usually when the cook puts on the special themed menus that they lose interest.

The school can be quite strict about the content of lunches, so I like to have some little plastic tubs to fill with chopped up carrots or cucumber, some kind of vegetable to placate the school and so I feel the boys are getting some goodness.  

If they had their way lunch would consist of a sandwich at a push, crisps and as many sweet or chocolate products they could stuff in the lunch bag.  Luckily I won’t tolerate any of that nonsense and try and get it as balanced as I can.  We love Frubes (especially the limited edition banana ones!) so naturally they always make their way in the lunchbox; they are really handy as they last up to eight hours out of the fridge.

I think lunch at school can be a tricky affair; there was a time eldest would leave most of his lunch in favour of having more time to play out.  I don’t think packed lunch was supervised as well as those having school dinners.  Luckily the school did leave the contents in their lunch bags so you could at least gauge how much had been eaten.  When I worked in a playschool I always did the same so the parents could get a better idea of what their children enjoyed eating and what they didn’t.  Although not every parent will appreciate having a half eaten yoghurt sent back… (That does get explosive!).

I wish I had the patience to go down the Bento route but I have never tried and probably never will!  It looks too fiddly for me, but I definitely envy the mum's who take the time to make such beautiful packed lunches for their children.  Luckily it doesn't seem to have taken off at their school so they don't grumble about the presentation of their lunch compared to that of their friends.

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