Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Enhancing our outdoor space

I would love to enhance our outdoor space, its something I regularly write about but never seem closer to achieving sadly.  We have started paying back our credit cards, throwing any spare money their way, thinking twice about some purchases or reigning in our social life so we can clear the debt quicker.  One credit card down, two to go!  It’s so easy to spend on them, you get the instant gratification of your new purchase but then it’s the hard slog to clear them.  I have knocked buying books on the head when we have a perfectly well equipped library available for free.

Once the dreaded credit cards are gone we can start back on project house and garden.  So many ideas but so little funds to do any of them, this time though I am going to save before I buy!  For the outside space I would really like to get a veranda as I think it would enhance the look of our house and garden.  I was looking on 123v.com to see which particular veranda would suit our old stone house.  It would probably have to be quite traditional to fit in with the existing features of the property.  But I think it would give it more character, I feel we can’t shake off what it used to be unless we do something more drastic.

I really like sitting outdoors, but the weather in Wales is so temperamental, some verandas are designed to shelter you from the weather so I would go for that type.  Then we would get more use out of it, instead of being limited to the occasional (rare) bit of sunshine!

I would like it to be romantic though with pretty flowers growing alongside it, I guess I have lots of dreams for this property but the reality never quite matches it.  We are still living with the mass of tarmac, a rather tired trampoline and a grassy patch the dog favours to go to the toilet!!! Hardly my ideal space for entertaining friends…

But our plans do eventually come into fruitation; we just take longer than some especially now I want to stop using credit!  I bet by the time I retire this house will be perfect… (Just in time for the “For sale” sign to go up and us to downsize!).  Least we splashed out and got the barbecue we always wanted, that’s something we try and use as often as possible, but with a veranda we could probably wheel it out more.  We always said we would add a play area for the boys but by the time we get cracking they won’t need one anymore!!!  Oh well more room for adult entertaining, veranda, hot tub, a garden heater and a swinging chair!  One day it will be mine…

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