Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Is it the end of the domestic goddess?

When I was pregnant with my first my mum knitted lots of little baby cardigans in preparation, they were so soft and very sweet.

My mum is quite talented like that, she enjoys making things, I just hope by the time my two have their own children some of that might have rubbed off on me and I might have a clue about what I am doing!  Obviously I have a skill base of sorts but it’s mainly focused around blogging (I have friends that want tutorials quite regularly so they can get cracking with their own), whereas if you want a decent meal, a button sewn on or someone to darn your sock – you’re looking in the wrong place!!!

Although I have been looking at baby knitting patterns on deramores so when the time comes I WILL be ready!  If I start to practice now surely even I could get the hang of it.  I should make the most of having the careful tutorage of my mum (she is a good un!) who seems to turn her hand to anything.  I guess it’s the generation we are growing up in, there are no traditional gender roles as such anymore – as a couple we just chip in with the workload to get it done, we don’t have separate male and female tasks!  This article about the Death of the Domestic Goddess made for an interesting read.

I guess I could cheat and even order some knitwear but somehow homemade is more thoughtful!  If I get the knitting bug I would be all sorted on deramores – have you seen the adorable duckling booties and the baa baa sheep designs.  

I probably would struggle but the sense of achievement if I managed to make something a future grandchild would wear would be well worth the time learning the skill!  Apparently though us mums have different pressures then mums of years gone by, I am not sure exactly what they are though, as I know for a fact we have more disposable income than my parents did (so have it easier in some ways with little cheats, the occasional takeaway etc!).

I also quite fancy making jam!  Even if I only manage to make one pot, I can hold on to the memory that I tried!  And keep reminding everyone of the time I made jam from scratch...

I made scones awhile back but they did resemble rock cakes, whereas my brother seems to have inherited my mum’s baking/cooking ability as he seems to have more luck in the kitchen.

Do you consider yourself a domestic goddess?

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