Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Looking Good at the School Gate

Let’s be honest I am not the mummy that looks perfectly groomed at the school gates.  In the morning drop off I am the slightly frazzled harassed looking one you can spot a mile off.  My clothes are not well coordinated, my hair never straightened and you can forget any thought of make up being applied! 

It’s all I can do to get to school on time with the correct things (school bags, PE Kit, water bottles) and before the last bell rings to say the day has started.  The pick up doesn’t fare much better; I usually arrive in a rush having tried to squeeze in as much as possible between the hours of 9am till 3pm, red faced and flustered from walking so fast…

But I was grateful for Matalan for sending me a few items of womenswear to show how easy it is to look fabulous (even on a budget!).  I wanted to pick out a few items to make looking stylish at the school gate a possibility.  Other mums seem to achieve it, they look flawless, relaxed and like they have it all under control!!!  I think your appearance can say a lot about you to other people, so those mums tend to be the ones you consider to be confident.  Even though technically I am probably holding it all down as well as them, you would never guess from my mismatched attire!

I adore these nautical striped flats; they instantly improve how I look, compared to my usual tatty trainers.  Plus they slip on so no time wasted tying laces in the morning, it might mean I have enough spare to add some mascara or lip-gloss!!!  At £10 they are a steal.

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But its not just time its money that stops me having an extensive wardrobe, my clothes budget is very small.  Fortunately it is accommodated at Matalan as the prices are very reasonable.  I have found the quality to be good too; the tops and slim fit jeans still look fantastic after lots and lots of washes – when you have a capsule wardrobe your washing machine has to be on fairly regularly!!!  Still I plan on getting a few more pieces of clothing now I have been so impressed by my Matalan experience.

That’s probably where those mums’s are shopping anyway!  I don’t have a huge amount of time left to be standing around at the school gate, in a couple of years they will want to make their own way home – so I better make one last stand as the mum that looks like she has a clue too!!!

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