Monday, 8 August 2016

Our TV Watching Dog #RSPCAPetPeeves

Our dog is two and quite a character already; she is set in her ways when it comes to certain things. Her life's aim might be to destroy all toys...

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But mainly she is the first dog I have ever known to watch television, to really pay attention to what happens on the screen.  She will bark animatedly at anything she doesn’t like the look of which happens to be most animals, including cartoon ones AND even rather randomly a dog ornament on one of those antique shows captured her eye!  I get real animals being a problem but to actually be affronted by an ancient dusty dog ornament was hilarious to see… it wasn’t even zoomed in on but part of a MUCH bigger collection on a shelf!  But her dog eyes don’t miss anything when it comes to real dogs or dog shaped things it would seem.

It does make watching television tricky though especially as its not restricted to just animals she also quite cross if it gets atmospheric on there, perhaps the music changes and you know its leading up to something scary or heaven help if the characters are looking shifty, she literally runs at the screen barking at them!!! 

It’s good she likes protecting her family but it would be nice to occasionally watch television in peace and quiet.  Plus she needs to realise not everyone wearing a hoodie is hell-bent on causing chaos!!!  Still she is a much-loved part of our family and the house would not be the same without her, regardless of her little (noisy) quirks and ways.  To be honest isn’t it true for everyone in the family, we all have our own unique personalities and that’s what makes life interesting and why it’s well worth protecting your pet to keep them safe.

She is very much a creature of habit too – she likes familiarity and things to be the same, once when she was out on a walk, there was an old discarded boot on the wall, because it hadn’t been there before she was not impressed, she barked and barked at it, her hackles went up.  As I tried to coax her along on the walk, people were wondering what all the fuss was about!  Yes she is really getting cross with an old boot…

Our dog also likes pinching food from the kitchen, everything has to be right back, or stretched up on her legs she will grab it.  Afterwards she looks like butter wouldn't melt, but she had stolen the butter...

But she is the most loving dog with her family, the boys adore her, she loves being patted and having her ball thrown.  She likes chew toys and stealing the odd titbit from the table and the welcome you get if you have been away for a weekend makes you realise how she values us just as much!  She will rush at you for loves and cuddles whilst wagging her tail at speed and jumping up for attention.  So even if TV watching will never be the same, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  

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