Saturday, 27 August 2016

Saving Money with LPG

I am always a fan of trying to save a bit of money when I can so was very interested in the following infographic produced by Calor Gas.  We have an oil burner and it does seem to have its own set of problems, if we ever run out of oil and then have a re-delivery its often hard to get it started again, it ends up having an air lock which requires the boiler to be re-primed each time!  As we always tend to leave it last minute ordering more oil it happens quite regularly and it can get expensive calling out someone to get it going again (unless of course you know what your doing yourself!).  So I do think we need to look at other options, researching lpg suppliers UK to see what is available instead, as its not always easy to get someone out quickly when your in desperate need for a nice hot bath you want everything to run smoothly.

So I am all for a boiler requiring less maintenance – life can be hard enough when you have two boys that keep you on your toes, you do not need the boiler giving you a hard time too!  I want life as simple and uncomplicated as possible and that includes the ability to get hot water and warmth when I want it.

According to the infographic below domestic oil is the third most stolen item in the countryside, that is quite an alarming statistic and another reason I won’t be too distraught when our current boiler gives up the ghost.

LPG boilers also emit less carbon dioxide than heating oil so by making the change you are doing your bit for world something that interests my youngest as every night he wants to have a chat about the O-Zone layer, he seems to have a bee in his bonnet and is really concerned bless him!  I think he would be delighted to hear something so simple could make a difference.  Our boiler is hanging on (just!) so I won’t put off the change forever.

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