Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Switching from Oil to LPG

I have posted about saving money with LPG before but there are other important benefits.  For me the option to be able to store the tank underground is a huge plus, our oil tank is big and rather unsightly – taking up more of the garden than I ideally like.  It takes away some of the rustic charm of our old stone property.

So my decision between LPG or oil is weighing very favourably towards LPG.  You can see lots of reasons why on the infographic below.  

But another major one for me is the worry of an oil spill, I was reading a warning sign at our property and I think if it ever happened it would be expensive to rectify.  We don’t even have a spill kit in the house just in case and probably should, because if you don’t act quick oil can get in the drains or sink in the foundations, killing all the plants in its wake.

I like the fact LPG has less chance of contamination as its non-corrosive so hopefully less likely to escape its container.  Yes I am that mum who constantly worries and now I know this, I am badgering hubbie for us to make the switch.  I keep eyeing my oil tank suspiciously hoping it has no plans to leak anytime soon – if it does the dog and the children who love playing out will make it a logistical nightmare getting it cleaned up without them adding to the chaos.

I like how LPG is non-toxic and doesn’t produce a smell when you cook.  It does seem a good option but I naturally way up my options and do my research, largely so I can get hubbie on side.  He won’t change something if its not broken but I worry about what happened if it broke…

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