Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Win a Bespoke Union Jake Hypnos Bed #FVSelfie

We are sorely in need of a new bed!  The spare bed is in a sorry state of affairs, as I have written many times before we are mid renovation (how long we will remain like this is anyone’s guess as money keeps getting spent quicker than we can earn it!) and we didn’t realise the bed had got damp somehow…

I think its because we haven’t done the flooring yet and its coming from there, we had planned to laminate it but at the moment its bare boards, I am sure we will have to undertake a proper inspection, get it resolved then try again with another bed and hope we are more successful.  It’s definitely being a learning experience having a house like ours. 

Luckily we discovered the problem before anyone has stayed in it since.  So it will be getting dismantled and sent to the skip shortly! As a result I am entering every competition to win a new bed that I can find.  We have plans for friends from London to come at some point and I want to know they will be happily settled in a nice new bed!

Furniture Village who have an extensive range of fabulous beds have a competition live at the moment on their facebook page for their exclusive bespoke Union Jack Hypnos bed – it creates quite the impact and looks very luxurious!  I do think if we were fortunate enough to win, my old bed would quickly become the spare bed and this fine specimen would be where I would choose to rest my weary head!  I think my guests would understand…

It’s relatively simple to enter, you just need to fill in the form and attach a picture of you at your favourite British landmark complete with a suitable caption!  I think that’s a very fitting entry method with the Union Jack theme and one you can have lots of fun with.

Hypnos design their beds to help you get comfortable and have a deeply relaxing nights sleep!  As I get older and I feel more aches and pains I am all for spending a little more on a decent bed.  You soon realise you are getting something quite special when you read that Hypnos hand craft each pocket spring bed to order, you have to love that extra care and attention that goes into making you the most perfect bed.  

Talking of bed!  Time to log off and actually head to mine, but after seeing the Hypnos in all its glory it might not be quite the same...

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