Friday, 5 August 2016

Would you change your house ready for ageing parents?

I was chatting to friends at a playdate lunch yesterday and it got on to the topic of house renovations.  I said I would love to rip out the old en-suite downstairs bathroom in my house and make a bigger bedroom but needed to keep a bathroom on that level for when my parents get older. 

Due to mobility it might be harder for them to get upstairs and my friends both thought I was crazy for keeping that in the back of my mind, not that I am ready by any stretch to embark on caring for my parents on top of my two rather wild children, its just who knows what the future might hold and I think I have an obligation to have a safe and welcoming space for my own parents when the time comes.  After all they did well raising me.  Having my own children I now realise just how much commitment and patience it takes to survive parenthood… I guess I never really appreciated what they did till I had my own!  Each day has its challenges but I hang on (just about!).

The bathroom in question isn’t very nice, it had been adapted for people with physical disabilities but it was not done attractively or maintained well.  The flooring has gone where they had an open shower.  I think the health board were on a budget and everything was allowed to slide a bit!  So when I do have the bathroom overhauled, I will be keeping my parents in the back of my mind.  But I still want the bathroom to look appealing for any other visitors in-between.  I know my mum would appreciate a walk in bath!  Even I had a real struggle getting in one when I was heavily pregnant so I can see the advantage of purchasing one of them.  I have been looking on Premier Bathrooms for inspiration, they have tasteful products because although my parents are getting older they don’t feel it inside their heads, and they still appreciate nice things and lovely spaces.

Our house is certainly big enough to accommodate my parents if and when the time comes and I for one hope we can give them the warm welcome they deserve!  I remember my taid (granddad) living with us towards the end of his life, he used to like watching darts a lot but I enjoyed having more time with him.  I think he found his loud at times, something my mum relates with now she has her own grandchildren.  I don’t think we fully understand things until we get to that particular age ourselves, I just hope when my time comes there might be room in the inn somewhere for me too.  

In China according to this Telegraph article they seem very big on taking care of their older generations to the point this village has started to publicly name and shame anyone who doesn’t!  It’s a pity it has to come to that, but if it makes people take better care of their families I guess it could work!  Although I could imagine my mum holding me to ransom, depending an additional craft room or she would have my name on the notice board haha but hopefully she would just settle for a nice bathroom instead.

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