Monday, 12 September 2016

Back to routine

First week back at school is under our belts and the boys seem to be adjusting well to their new routine.  Youngest has moved into year 3 and eldest is in year 5, I can’t believe how quickly their primary education is passing by.  Year 3 is less about learning through play and learning outright instead but youngest has yet to grumble about the new challenges.  

It’s been a busy week with three birthday parties, the first was a lovely pizza party with good friends and a trip to a different park, the second a laser tag party to celebrate double digits and the third a BBQ and bouncy castle.  Normally we don’t get many birthday party invites so its been like buses this week nothing for ages and then three at once!  Next week looks calmer on that front but its back to swimming lessons and racket sports then.  I really enjoy laser combat, its great fun hiding behind trees and targeting the other team.  It was a close game as although we started strongly the other team quickly learnt the basics and clawed back a couple of winning rounds.

I am enjoying time to blog in the day; it’s a luxury after squeezing writing in whenever I could over the summer holidays.  It’s back to the dog for company, although she’s quite happy lazing on the sofa or keeping lookout at her favourite spot in the window – barking at anything that moves!

I have enjoyed watching the returning episode of Cold Feet, gosh how the characters look so much older now though.  I guess we are all getting older so need to embrace life whilst we can.  Although other than travelling more I don’t feel unfulfilled with my lot, I am blessed to have my boys, a hard working husband and a slightly manic dog.  I don't have any regrets.  I try and look at the bright side of life.  It must be something I say fairly regularly now as my children keep saying "look on the bright side" when any of the family grownup's are feeling a bit down - they also say bounce back like Tigger!  I love their optimism.

Eldest also had another sleepover as part of one of the birthday's, he looked so grown up going off with his bags.  I always feel a bit strange seeing them growing up.  They still need me but not like they used too.  But I am proud of how confident and sociable they are.

For downtime we have been enjoying the PS4, the graphics are incredible.  I do get a hard time as apparently children in my son's class are allowed to play computer games that I won't allow my pair too.  I guess whatever age our children are there will always be a different challenge.

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