Monday, 19 September 2016

Joseph Joseph IntelligentWaste Review

Okay dealing with the trash isn’t normally the most exciting of jobs for us – well that was until we got sent the rather impressive Joseph Joseph Totem 48 waste separation and recycling unit to review!  

Now we argue over who gets to fill the gorgeous graphite bin first…

It is a compact size because it combines the recycling and general waste into one normal sized bin!  I like that it encourages you to think carefully about recycling because of the smaller size of the general waste bin bags.  General waste collection is every three weeks here so its essential you recycle as much as possible to cope!  Otherwise our council waste bin would be overflowing!  The recycling section is deep enough to fit bottles standing up too which is a bonus - if you like squash or wine!

You can order the custom sized bin bags from Joseph Joseph for £6 for a pack of 20.  This might be more than you normally spend but its all down to the quality, these bags are very strong and have the drawstring ready to tie.  It can make sense to spend more if it’s making your life easier - the design features of everything Joseph Joseph make are well thought out.  Even the lid is made from fingerprint proof stainless steel, so will look nice and clean for much longer – especially with my boys!

Their waste units have some very clever technology included with the odour filter.  It means you do not have to deal with the pong of stinky bins anymore!  Otherwise I find myself putting bin bags outside well before they are filled just because they smell so unpleasant!

It’s the most sophisticated bin I have ever seen – why shouldn’t dealing with the trash be more glamorous.  It can make the whole process more agreeable.  The unit costs £179.00, which might sound pricey but it’s a quality product that comes with a 10-year guarantee.  Plus it looks great in any kitchen, not like some cheap plastic bins you can get.

The recycling unit comes complete with a divider so you can separate your recycling into two sections if you so desire.  It’s a practical bin but a stylish one too.  If you have a bigger family I would say its worthwhile getting the Totem 60, which also comes with a food caddy and a bigger capacity for general waste.

I am enjoying everyone's enthusiasm to put their rubbish in the bin!  Usually the boys come to me with their sweet wrappers but the novelty of this new bin is helping them tidy up after themselves.


  1. I love how it can take stood up bottles - we go through a lot of squash in our house and the bottles take up space! I hope the novelty of this bin continues so the whole family continue to help sorting the rubbish!

  2. Oh I think this is just what we need, but only bigger! I always make sure that we recycle everything.

  3. This is a great idea - we could do with one but about double the size I think ;-)

  4. I really need one of these it probably wouldn't be big enough though lol x

  5. Oh my goodness I would be super excited about reviewing that too! We have 5 different bags from the council for all our recycling stuff here but Joseph Joseph things are always gorgeous!