Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Keeping Fit: The Mum’s Way

And no lifting the wine glass to your mouth does not count!

Yes I get that it’s hard to schedule a proper fitness activity in when you’re a parent.  It’s a possibility just that bit more tricky than when you had the freedom to schedule your day how you wished!  Time is a real issue and energy levels, but if you do exercise you will feel more energised for it.  So rather than slump in front of Netflix (to eat your weight in cake!) try and find a way to be more active, even better get the rest of the family involved.

When the boys were much younger I used to do some stretches to try to salvage my stomach muscles after the birth of my second – my youngest would join in thinking it was some kind of entertaining game.  If you make it look fun you might have your own little gym buddy joining you.

I have also bought a few workout DVD’s over the years but to be honest they ended up being a waste of money as I never committed to the workouts with any kind of relish.  You can get free stuff searching online and build your own workout that suits your needs, that way you might be more motivated to do it if your getting the results you want.  For me I find music gets my blood pumping round my body, some decent tunes and I feel slightly more inclined to get exercising, so a dance workout or something similar works best for me.

The cost of kitting out for the gym might put some off, but you can get some good deals if you look out for discount codes like these for Myprotein on Gym Talk.  So don’t be overawed by the other mum’s who look the part, order yourself some Lyrca and get stretching.

Luckily being a parent you tend to be quite physically active anyway, your dashing here, there and everywhere to take the kids to various clubs and activities.  You have a heck of a lot more household chores to do, clearing up all the mess and general chaos they bring.  But if you wanted to focus on a certain part of your body then it might be worthwhile joining a proper class.  Plus as much as you think the household chores is a good workout in most cases it sounds like it isn’t, as the heart rate doesn’t go up.  Although I am guessing they haven’t seen how hard I need to scrub my house and how many floors need hovering!!!

If you can get a friend to join you too, you can help spur each other on and its nice having the company.  Now my former little gym buddies are in full time school, exercising on my lonesome is a bit dull!  Once you have roped in a friend perhaps you could both sign up for one of those charity runs, having a set date keeps you focused on training regularly to prepare yourself for the challenge.

I think as parents we are role models for our children so it’s good for them to see that we are interested in exercising and your health in general.  My boys have swimming lessons and racket sports every week to stay fit.  I try and find an activity that interests them so they will continue to go to the sessions, its like that for the grownup’s too, it helps finding something you enjoy then it won’t feel like such hard work exercising.

Also don't feel you have to go to the gym, you can exercise anywhere!

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