Monday, 5 September 2016

My Fitness Struggle

I have always liked the thought of having my own personal trainer; I think it would motivate me more having a tailored exercise plan!  Plus it would be a definite bonus not having to head to the gym and be in full view of everyone else there – especially when I first start my fitness journey as my belly most definitely has a distinct wobble about it!!!  I try and breathe in but that old trick no longer works sadly…  I could wear my most comfortable joggers instead of having to dress for the gym crew in only the finest spandex in the land.

As I am nearing 40 I don’t seem to be able to eat whatever I want and get away with it anymore.  My waist is thickening and I am more squeezable (perhaps huggable sounds nicer!).  I used to be quite slim for a long time really, I kind of took it for granted that was my forever body form and I didn’t really need to do anything to maintain it.  But I can’t fight age apparently and its time to change my diet and take up more physical exercise.  After two children my stomach muscles aren’t quite as strong as they used to me.

I was looking at the Right Path Fitness Team page and I think getting a trained professional would be the way forward, they can focus their attention on my problem area.  For me more than anything I would love to have a tummy that does not stick out (the other day I looked about seven months pregnant, as I have no plans for more children that can be a bit misleading!).  Aside from helping you with your body transformation goals they can give you helpful nutritional guidance.  I dread to think how high my body fat score is… but sometimes keeping your head in the sand isn’t the best approach to getting fit!  I want to be leaner, healthier and as a result happier.  I like cakes, chocolate and biscuits more than I should.  I need someone to give me the nudge to changing my naughty habits.

More than anything I need a workout that suits my lifestyle, a personal trainer can slot into your day – perfect if you want to train whilst the children are in school so you have no distractions.  I could quite happily let Keith train me!  I feel more motivated already.  Shame a personal trainer Shoreditch  would be such a hike really.  Okay for the boys godmummy who lives in London (I will have to let her know!) but for me in Wales, sadly too far to travel – even for Keith!

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