Monday, 12 September 2016

My Sale Shopping Tactics

I love a good sale, finding a bargain gives you a bit of a lift, knowing you paid less than the full price.  If I am honest with my new drive to clear credit cards I have no choice but to be a sale shopper, the more savvy the better.

I am not really that fussed on the latest fashions as long as I am warm and comfortable I am happy.  If I could get away with it I would wear my current wardrobe forever but my naughty tumble dryer habit ends up misshaping my clothes eventually!  I used to pinch hubbie’s jumpers too but bless him his wardrobe is shrinking, so I need to buy my own clothes.

The best approach is to do your research, remember the big sale dates and add them to your diaries.  I am all set for the Black Friday Deals then its full steam ahead for lots and lots of sale offers.  I have bookmarked the site so I can watch the countdown to the 25th of November.  With online offers you need to move quick to get the best deals as lots of other customers will be hoping to claim the best bargains before you!  But I don’t mind if it’s from the comfort of my sofa rather than outside a shop joining a long winding queue in the cold to fight over the sale stock. 

I think I should top up then and set myself up for the year.  But it’s not like you have to wait that long for a good deal really.  I quite liked the look of the sale on Dorothy Perkins it’s an affordable shop normally but even better when they reduce their prizes.  Also remember not to get too carried away, have a budget in mind and sit to it, otherwise you might be mesmerised by all the discounts and clearance offers and then overspend which defeats the object of sale shopping.  You should to it because its more affordable but not get carried away.

Fashions come and go so if you keep what you own eventually it will be popular again.   It’s not like I need to go parading off somewhere, I don’t have a fashion blog, I am just your average mum who would like to look a bit nicer but is usually too skint or too tired to care.  You will find out of season items with the biggest reductions, but you can always hang on to them for another year.

I cannot stand crowds so for me shopping from home is the best alternative, even better if your have fast internet to add those items to your online basket first.  

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